Digital storytelling or demonstrating learning

Posted in Uncategorized by icttalk on August 24, 2017

It takes a long time to integrate fully a new technology and see it become the norm. I suspect the dominant method for creating stories or reports is still paper based but there are opportunities to tell stories and demonstrate learning in transformational ways.

The downside is that achieving good levels of production makes this a longer job than traditional methods but the upside is that it delivers some of the computing National Curriculum.

A personal favourite is creating a map. If your story is location based or you are reporting on some historical event, for example, putting markers on a map that when clicked on reveal text, images and video is very exciting.

I first got the idea when Penguin released a book like this. Unfortunately, Google Maps has ‘improved’ making it harder but scribblemaps.com is also worth a look. Markers can be numbered to take you through in sequence. If maps can be saved as a .kml file they can be used to make a tour in Google Earth. I particularly like the idea of being able to visit some of the locations in classics like War and Peace.

My rather ordinary example has just two markers but having clicked on one it reveals some text, a photo and a video. I’m sure you can do much better!

What about making a film? The scriptwriting alone is a literacy task of some magnitude. A news report from history might be made using an app like Green Screen that now costs a massive £2.99 and will allow you to deliver a report against a background image or archive film. Don’t spend a fortune on a green screen though. A background of sheets of sugar paper works too.

With programming such a focus writing a program that demonstrates presentation of some other curriculum area gives it a real purpose. An animation in Scratch is a very good use of it.

And on the subject of animation, don’t tell anyone but you can use PowerPoint to make an animation that transitions automatically from slide to slide and then export it as a movie file. No one will ever know!

Instead of setting an exercise to demonstrate mastery why not make a ‘how to’ screencast or use an app like Explain Everything or Educreations?

You can make an online book with turning pages by writing your content in a word processor or something like PowerPoint. You’ll need a lot of content or you won’t have pages to turn though. Save as a .pdf and upload to issuu.com or youblisher.com. Be patient for the upload to complete and make sure the provider won’t put adverts on your work.

And then there’s an interactive information screen where users click on hyperlinks to go to the content they want.

And that’s leaving aside the plethora of apps created specifically for telling a story!


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